Trou aux Biches Residence

The recommendation from existing clients led DTS Architects ltd to design a bespoke one-off DTS signature home.
The site is located within the fast growing and modern beach village of Trou aux Biches. The client’s expectation was to reflect same in the design.
N-Residence responds to the individual needs of our clients, while at the same time sensitive in scale to the surrounding buildings. We have attempted to create a home that exudes privacy and celebrates open plan living; while integrating subtle references inspired by the local vernacular. The house surrounds the swimming pool. Each and every room can have an internal inquisitive view over it; with the presence of fresh water running in the pool.
N Residence makes the most of this plot. It provides the client with a functional, yet also inspiring home and entertaining space.
A reclaimed stone façade [Roche demolition] wall forms the boundary between the external world and the internal world of home. This forms an important part of the entry sequence, once through the entry door the house opens up completely to the landscape.
It’s refreshing to see a new build make such bold statements at Trou Aux Biches hot season.
The selection of finishes and discreet decor, leading to a covered patio before the pool, offers the house an opulent appearance. The vernacular materials used in the build, reclaimed stone and timber cladding, align the house with its location with growing modern neighbours.