Projet a Surinam

Faced with an existing structure just emerging from the ground, DTS Architects Ltd has gone back to basics, opting for a simple design solution and even simpler materials while playing with forms and shades.

We have created a home which appears modern, elegant, grand and functional custom made to the client requirements. The simplicity of the forms and precise alignment of each element in relation to the landscape and each other is what makes this home so interesting.

Measuring around 680 sqm, the house stands out of everything and blends within the site without noticing. As you open the gate you will realize that every step will lead to a discovery of space and volume which has been sculptured to give another existence.

The architect has created a sense of belonging for the owner with unique forms and design.


Project owner : Private
Architect : DTS ARCHITECTS Ltd
Project manager and coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Project coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Total cost of project : 500,000 € H.T.
Length of project : 18 months
Surface / Floorspace : 680 m2
Performance énergétique / kwh/m2/an