Projet a Solferino

Private, secluded and quiet were the three main criteria when we have started the design of this dwelling. At the main façade as opposed to other building, there are no distinct entrances which give the house a reserved approach. The main entrance to the house is located on the side after a green walk down the garden where opens a Lobby which is tropically conceived.
On the contrary on inside you may visit the landscape and outdoors with a glimpse at each and every step as the glazing are well located to ease viewing.
The house and the back courtyard are well isolated, providing some extra privacy. There’s a clear contrast between the ground and first floor, where the common area and the bedrooms give the difference. Thus it gives a level of intimacy and views from these rooms are mediated through by reentrant balconies.
There is center piece in the house which is the main attraction and overlooking a void on the higher level.
Relaxing, warming and discretion expresses the urban vibe of fast growing environment.

Project owner : Private
Architect : DTS ARCHITECTS Ltd
Project manager and coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Project coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Total cost of project : 100,000 € H.T.
Length of project : 9 months
Floorspace : 300 m2
Performance énergétique / kwh/m2/an