Projet a Coromandel

– remixed architecture [dts]

Remixed Architecture is a product and trade mark from DTS Architects Ltd. This is used for refurbishment exercise and converting old to new. Architecture is revisited and space reallocated. It applies for this existing single storey dwelling. To catch and pace up with the urban development, the existing structure had to change and the output has left no doubts.
A rustic stone wall at the main entrance has been introduced to give more privacy while keeping a small lobby for hats and coats. The existing cornered bedroom has been relocated at the rear to gain more scenic views and the area transformed into a working kitchen overlooking the main entrance. A side lounge is attached for casual visits.
The first floor is a new structure adapting to the existing giving already the sense of patrimony.
The Remixed Architecture has well harmonized with the existing and new, keeping the both identities alive.


Project owner : Private
Architect : DTS ARCHITECTS Ltd
Project manager and coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Project coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Total cost of project : 50,000 € H.T.
Length of project : 9 months
Floorspace : 200 m2
Performance énergétique / kwh/m2/an