Projet a Calodyne

Stylish, modern and contemporary this family second house emerge out from its environment by giving a sense of belonging. Its distinctive features and simple architecture make out the rest.

This project is for a family sharing four typical houses each on the same plot. As a second house the design makes everything so that amusement comes forward.
Simple and modest these houses emerge from a site which located in a quiet area, yet calm and yet animated during weekends.
Each house has their own independent facilities such swimming pool, car port, living spaces, garden and open deck terraces overviewing the beach of Calodyne and swiping over some favorite islands in the north.
The view on the deck offers a panoramic scene ideal for a postcard at every event.


Project owner : Private
Architect : DTS ARCHITECTS Ltd
Project manager and coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Project coordinator : DTS Architects Ltd
Total cost of project : 75,000 € H.T.
Length of project : 9 months
Floorspace : 200 m2
Performance énergétique / kwh/m2/an