Bel Air House

A modern transformed architecture as many would call it, this house by DTS Architects Ltd is the perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort, indoors and out.
Originally designed in 2006 by DTS Architects Ltd, with the client personal classic requirements, this house was built up to a signal storey level which fulfilled the client output.
As time went by and through modern transitions in lifestyle DTS Architects Ltd was re-appointed … but for a paradigm shift from classic to Modern design.
A much challenged task though as if you are your own competitor and re-inventing your own ideas through time.
The dilemma was how will you trash a design which you have created seven years back with a new innovative and modern design?
Yet DTS Architects redesigned the original home into an opposite of its former self to this modern contemporary house which is a bright, open space with continuous views of the garden and enhancing new areas.
The exiting classical columns were shadowed with the pronounced stone cladding decorated with frameless glass, thus conserving the existing hard work with a new smart work.
Modern details complement existing elements while cornered aluminium windows, doors and exposed cantilevered structure open the interior to light and views. With a simple design line and distinctive forms, the Bel Air House is an elegant home, a shelter for happy thoughts and positive thinking towards a New Air House.
The house is flooded with natural daylight, and we love the direct connection to the outdoors via bi-fold glass doors, stretching the home’s living space well beyond its 2,000 sq. ft. Strategically placed windows and skylights throughout further brighten interiors. Climb the open staircase toward a glass ceiling – a light-filled space that permeates this entire open concept house plan.
This contemporary style home is a dream comes true for the architecture, modern lover and for the returning client.